Exploration, energy and First Nations top Government of Yukon agenda in Vancouver, January 20–25

Premier Sandy Silver and Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai will lead the Yukon delegation at both the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference and the Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver next week to highlight Yukon’s mineral potential, geology and regulatory regime.

Premier Silver will host a meeting with Yukon First Nations Chiefs and mineral industry executives. He will also speak at the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce’s Reception and at the Invest Yukon Pavilion.

Minister Pillai will speak at Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce’s Mining and Energy Forum. He will also participate in an inter-governmental mineral exploration and development industry forum. The forum will include speakers from the federal government, British Columbia and Northwest Territories governments.

Both the Premier and Minister will meet with industry stakeholders while in Vancouver.

This year will feature a smaller Yukon delegation whose focus will be on attracting investment and interest in Yukon’s mineral potential – reducing attendance costs compared to previous years.

Mineral exploration and development is a key component of our economy. Roundup and the investment conference are a unique opportunity for us to highlight our mineral potential, geology and modern regulatory regime. The Government of Yukon is committed to sustainable development of our mineral resources while providing long-term economic benefits for Yukoners.

Premier Sandy Silver

It is an exciting time for Yukon’s mineral industry. We are in an excellent position to showcase the opportunities in the territory.

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is the world’s largest conference dedicated to resource exploration and investment. The conference runs January 21 and 22 and attracts over 8,000 participants.

  • The Association for Mineral Exploration’s Roundup conference takes place January 22–25. The event brings together industry professionals from around the globe to share the latest innovation, research and successes in exploration and mining. The conference is primarily supplier-based.

  • Yukon delegates will staff booths on the trade floor at Roundup, present geological talks and information and meet with industry to answer questions about Yukon’s regulatory processes.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Sue Thomas
Communications, Energy Mines & Resources

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