Faro community wildfire protection plan finalized

Faro’s community wildfire protection plan has been finalized through collaborative efforts between the Government of Yukon’s Wildland Fire Management Branch and a community-level working group that includes the municipality.

Communities create their plans with support and technical input from Wildland Fire Management, balancing public safety needs with local priorities.

This initiative aligns with the broader objectives outlined in the Government of Yukon’s Our Clean Future strategy, which aims to finalize wildfire protection plans for all Yukon communities by 2026. Faro now joins Haines Junction and Teslin in having a completed plan.

The safety and wellbeing of Yukoners are top priorities of the Government of Yukon. As such, they are committed to working with local governments to mitigate the risk of wildfires around communities.

By proactively implementing wildfire hazard reduction measures with support from the Government of Yukon, communities can enhance their resiliency against the threat of wildfires, safeguarding both Yukoners and their property across the territory.

Our government is proud to support the development of wildfire-resilient communities. Completing these plans is a critical step in working with communities to better understand and prepare for emergencies, to help keep our residents safe.

Minister of Community Services Richard Mostyn

Faro appreciates the creative support from the Wildland Fire Branch in assisting the town to update our outdated Community Wildfire Protection Plan, because so much has changed in the 20 years since our last plan was developed. As we enter another possible year of threat from wildfires in the Yukon, we now have a plan to systematically address the more dangerous areas around our community. We also have more confidence that our annual FireSmart initiatives will work towards a cohesive overall solution to reduce risk around our community.

Town of Faro Mayor Jack Bowers

Quick facts 
  • Each community wildfire protection plan includes prioritized areas where fuel management should take place and recommendations to reduce the chances that wildland fires will damage structures.

  • Plans for Haines Junction and Teslin were approved in 2022.

  • All final and draft plans are available online at https://yukon.ca/community-wildfire-protection-plans.

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