Government of Yukon announces partnership with Environmental Careers Organization Canada and launch of Yukon Sustainability Awards

The Yukon will be the first jurisdiction in Canada to launch its own set of green business recognition awards through a new partnership with Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada. The Yukon Sustainability Awards will honour Yukon businesses that have demonstrated a strong commitment to the creation of a greener economy and Our Clean Future: A Yukon strategy for climate change, energy and a green economy. Yukon businesses nominated for these awards will have shown themselves to be responsible leaders in the environmental sector, with a dedication to Indigenous reconciliation and collaboration.

The partnership between the Government of Yukon and ECO Canada solidifies the territory’s place as a global leader in recognizing businesses who are paving the way forward to a more sustainable and greener economy.

More information on the launch of the Yukon Sustainability Awards will be made available in January 2023 at the ECO IMPACT Awards Gala hosted in Calgary.


Thanks to our many partners, both nationally and locally, our government continues to make progress on Our Clean Future: A Yukon strategy for climate change, energy and a green economy. By recognizing Yukon businesses that are also role models in the environmental sector, we are strengthening our government’s commitment to cleaner and more sustainable economic development in the territory. I look forward to the many innovative projects this collaboration with ECO Canada will bring forth in the new year and to celebrating Yukon leaders who are ensuring a more resilient territory for the generations to come.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

The Yukon Sustainability Awards are the first of its kind in any of the Canadian provinces and territories. These awards underscore the importance of innovation and shared responsibility to address the unique sustainability issues each province and territory is facing. They aim to recognize and celebrate the Yukon businesses that take this responsibility seriously, set an example for their peers, and create room for collaboration and innovation to address the complex sustainability challenges.

Vice president, Professional Services ECO Canada Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry

Quick facts 
  • ECO Canada is a steward for the Canadian Environmental Workforce, assisting the environmental sector with responsible, sustainable and economic growth.

  • The first Yukon Sustainability Awards will be awarded in 2024.


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Cabinet Communications

Elsie Jordan
Communications, Economic Development

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