Government of Yukon continues to make progress on integrating health services

As recommended in the Putting People First report, the Government of Yukon is committed to taking action to improve the Yukon’s health care system and make it more integrated and person-centered. In support of this goal, the Yukon government is making progress on aligning vital health services across the health care system in a way that will facilitate better, more seamless care for Yukoners.

As of April 1st, the Yukon’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will join the Department of Health and Social Services. This will allow for closer collaboration between EMS and other health services such as Community Nursing and Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services. It will support improved health care coverage in communities, an increased role for EMS and better coordination overall as Yukoners move through the health care system.

The close working relationship between EMS and other emergency response areas will continue to be supported and upheld.

Welcoming Emergency Medical Services into the Department of Health and Social Services is a key step to achieving a more integrated, seamless health care system that will remove some of the barriers Yukoners face as they move through different points of care. By working towards an integrated health system, as we committed to with Putting People First, we are building a person-centred, holistic and collaborative health care system. We are proud of the work our government has done as we continue to transform the Yukon’s health care system into a national leader.

Minister of Health and Social Services Tracy-Anne McPhee


We are excited about joining Health and Social Services and working more closely with our colleagues in other health services. This is as an opportunity to leverage the great work of both Health and Social Services and the Yukon EMS team to improve the health system for the people we serve. Together, we will be able to integrate and merge our services, so that we can provide better care to Yukoners.

Director of Emergency Medical Services Gerard Dinn

Quick facts 
  • Prior to April 1st2023, Emergency Medical Services was a division of the Department of Community Services.

  • The Yukon Emergency Medical Services team delivers a wide scope of pre-hospital care, delivering medical interventions, treatments and critical care across the Yukon.

  • Recommendation 1.1 in the Putting People First report is to reorient the Yukon’s health care system from a traditional and fragmented medical model to focus on population health accompanied by integrated, person-centred care across the health and social system.

  • Integrating health services will support the transition of service delivery to Health and Wellness Yukon over the next few years.

  • Emergency Medical Services is now part of the Community and Primary Care division of the Department of Health and Social Services.

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