Government of Yukon supports evolving health care needs while strengthening progress of infrastructure projects

Delivering patient-centred health care continues to be a top priority for the Government of Yukon. At the same time, the Government of Yukon has made significant progress in advancing major capital infrastructure projects like the Dempster Fibre line and Nisutlin Bay Bridge replacement.

To support continued progress on both priorities while the 2023–24 Supplementary Estimates No. 2 is debated during the Spring Legislative sitting, the Government of Yukon is issuing a special warrant under the Financial Administration Act to provide budgetary authorization for up to $65.9 million in funding for the departments of Health and Social Services and Highways and Public Works.

Within the Department of Health and Social Services, $25 million is being allocated to meet financial commitments related to the growth of insured health costs. The Government of Yukon continues to invest in the territory’s health and wellness systems. This funding addresses the costs needed to meet the diverse and evolving health and wellness needs of Yukoners.

Within the Department of Highways and Public Works, $40.9 million in capital is needed to continue capital infrastructure projects as they progress faster than anticipated. Last summer, despite facing challenges like road washouts, wildfires, smoke and blizzards, the team working on the Dempster Fibre Line installed over 405 kilometres of conduit and 702 kilometres of fibre, progressing the project ahead of schedule. A warmer winter made it possible for contractors working on the Nisutlin Bay Bridge replacement project to extend their work season. 

Our government is committed to meeting the evolving needs of Yukoners, whether that be to support our aging population or the progress of significant capital projects. This special warrant ensures we have the spending authority needed to continue providing health care services which Yukoners expect. It also supports the progress we have made towards key infrastructure including the Dempster Fibre line and the Nisutlin Bay Bridge replacement.

Minister of Finance Sandy Silver

Quick facts 
  • Spending included as part of the special warrant is reviewed and debated during the spring sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

  • The Government of Yukon occasionally makes use of special warrants in order to provide spending authority while the legislative assembly is not in session. In 2018–19, a special warrant was issued to meet the demand for infrastructure and land development projects that progressed faster than originally expected and which allowed government to take full advantage of federal funding opportunities.

  • The amounts quoted in this release represent amounts rounded to the nearest hundred thousand. 

  • The Government of Yukon has received accolades from Standard and Poor’s and C.D. Howe for fiscal accountability.

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