Housing Initiatives Fund supports construction of four new homes in Whistle Bend

Habitat for Humanity Yukon’s Chair Susan Graves (left) and  Executive Director Suzanne Greening (right) pose for a photo with Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai at the new build on 46 Gleaner Avenue in Whistle Bend on Thursday July 4, 2024.

With $400,000 in support from Yukon Housing Corporation’s Housing Initiatives Fund, Habitat for Humanity Yukon is on track to construct four new affordable homes in Whistle Bend, Whitehorse. Once completed, this partner-led development will increase the availability of affordable housing options and help more Yukoners become homeowners.

Habitat for Humanity Yukon works to make home ownership more accessible for those who would otherwise not qualify for traditional mortgages. The non-profit organization achieves this by offering zero-interest loans, eliminating the requirement for a down payment for partner families. Monthly loan repayments are then capped at 30 per cent of gross household income, which includes principal, property taxes and condo fees if applicable.

In March 2023, the Government of Canada and Habitat for Humanity Canada announced an additional $25 million investment to build 500 new affordable homes across Canada over the next three years. This brings the total federal investment in Habitat for Humanity to $80.8 million through the Government of Canada’s National Housing Affordable Housing Fund.

Made possible by the Housing Initiatives Fund, investments like this help realize Yukon Housing Corporation’s new strategic direction outlined in the five-year plan Creating Home, which include commitments to foster partnerships that expand options along the housing continuum.

Our government is pleased to support this innovative and timely housing initiative which will help provide more affordable homes for Yukoners. The construction of four new affordable homes is a testament to our commitment to creating sustainable housing solutions for Yukoners. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity Yukon, we are not only building homes but also building a stronger, more inclusive community where more families have the opportunity to achieve homeownership.

Premier and Minister responsible for Yukon Housing Corporation Ranj Pillai

By working with the Government of Yukon and organizations like Habitat for Humanity, we are committed to ensuring that every Canadian has a safe place to call their own. Today’s announcement is an example of what strong partnerships in the housing sector can do to help build more affordable homes here in the Yukon and across the country.

Member of Parliament for Yukon Brendan Hanley on behalf of Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities Sean Fraser

Habitat for Humanity Yukon is thrilled to be able to provide affordable homeownership to four new families by the end of 2024. Habitat Yukon would not have been able to provide this opportunity without the help and generous donation of the land donated to us by the Yukon government. Their ongoing financial support has also been a huge contributor to the build. In the past, Habitat Yukon has worked closely with the Yukon government, Yukon Housing and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to help provide 27 Yukon families with the opportunity for affordable home ownership; this project was no different. We look forward to seeing the faces of the families when they move into their new homes.

Habitat for Humanity Yukon Board Chair Susan Graves

Quick facts 
  • In 2020 the Government of Yukon’s Department of Energy, Mines and Resources transferred the residential lots to Habitat for Humanity Yukon for a nominal fee of $1 each to assist the organization in its ongoing efforts to build affordable housing for Yukoners.

  • Total project cost is $1.44 million. Yukon Housing Corporation is contributing $400,000, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is contributing $275,000 and Habitat for Humanity Yukon is contributing $600,000. Other funding sources include Habitat Canada, the Tachane Foundation and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation SEED funding.

  • These single-story units are all 1,400 square feet and include three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They are being built using universal design principles. Two of the units will be fully accessible.

  • Units will achieve a minimum 25 per cent decrease in energy consumption and greenhouse gas  emissions over the 2015 national energy code for buildings or a 15 per cent decrease in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions relative to the 2017 national energy code for buildings.

  • The Housing Initiatives Fund supports the development of affordable housing options for Yukoners and aims to meet housing needs at all levels of the housing continuum. 

  • Since 2018, the Government of Yukon has supported the construction of more than 800 affordable homes through the Housing Initiatives Fund.

  • The Housing Initiatives Fund can be complemented by other Yukon Housing Corporation programs such as the Municipal matching rental construction program, the Developer Build Loan Program and Federal, First Nation and Municipal Funding Initiatives.

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