Inflation Relief Rebate expanded to help Yukoners and businesses offset the impacts of increased cost of living

The Government of Yukon has announced an expansion of the $150 Inflation Relief Rebate to reduce the impacts that inflation continues to have on Yukoners. The rebate will be applied automatically to all residential and commercial ATCO Electric Yukon and Yukon Energy electricity bills, regardless of usage.  

The rebate will appear as a $50 credit, each month for an additional three months, on all residential and commercial electricity customers starting this October and will run through to December.

Although electricity rates in the Yukon remain the lowest in the North, Yukoners and local businesses continue to feel the rising costs of essential items such as groceries and fuel. Expanding the Inflation Relief Rebate is one of the ways we are helping reduce Yukoners’ monthly expenses. Individuals, families and businesses will see a total reduction of $150 from their electrical bills over the next three months.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Development Corporation John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • The Inflation Relief Rebate is for all non-government residential and commercial customer rate classes. All eligible customers will automatically receive $50 per month, for three months, regardless of electricity usage.

  • The Inflation Relief Rebate is in addition to the existing Interim Electrical Rebate, which reduces the amount residential customers pay on their first 1,000 kilowatt hours each month, saving Yukoners up to $270 a year. 

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