Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act, 2024 tabled

Minister of Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee introduced Bill No. 37 today, entitled the Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act, 2024.

The Bill proposes amendments which will, if passed, ensure that 15 Yukon acts currently including typos, language errors or outdated names and references are corrected and up to date. These changes are minor and editorial in nature and they do not impact how the laws to be amended apply in practice.

Miscellaneous statute law amendments must be made every few years to reflect changes to other Yukon acts, federal legislation and international agreements or changes to official names, as well as to correct any minor errors that have been identified.

I am pleased to bring forward this Bill today. If passed, this Bill would correct minor errors and reflect changes necessary in 15 Yukon statutes. Every few years, governments table miscellaneous statute amendment bills as part of routine housekeeping to ensure that laws are accurate and up to date. 

Minister of Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee 

Quick facts 
  • Miscellaneous statute bills are created for housekeeping changes to legislation, such as fixing numbering errors, language errors or inconsistencies.

  • The most recent Bill of this nature was tabled in 2022. 

  • This Bill proposes to amend the following Acts:

    • Animal Protection and Control Act;
    • Children’s Law Act;
    • Corrections Act, 2009;
    • Elections Act;
    • Environment Act;
    • Act to amend the Environment Act (SY 2014, c.6);
    • Licensed Practical Nurses Act;
    • Medical Profession Act;
    • Municipal Act;
    • Pharmacy and Drug Act;
    • Public Service Labour Relations Act;
    • Subdivision Act;
    • Vital Statistics Act;
    • Wildlife Act;
    • Workers’ Safety and Compensation Act.
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