Mixed income housing project planned for Whitehorse

The Government of Yukon is initiating development of a multi-unit mixed income affordable housing project in Whitehorse this year which will be the first of its kind in Yukon. The development will provide safe and affordable homes for families and individuals, including vulnerable populations.

The proposed site at 4th Avenue and Jeckell Street will support up to 48 units depending on the design and layout. A total of $18 million is budgeted for the project over the next three years, which includes planning and design with the intent to begin construction in spring of 2020. A contract for the project planning and design will be issued this coming fiscal year.

This project is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Housing Action Plan for Yukon which is being implemented with community housing partners. The Yukon Housing Corporation will engage the Housing Action Plan Implementation Committee and the local neighbourhood to ensure community needs are addressed.

Our government is proud to be investing in a new multi-unit, mixed income housing project in Whitehorse. Safe and affordable housing that meets the needs of families and individuals, particularly vulnerable populations, is a priority and a key component of healthy communities. This project will support Yukon’s economy, generate construction jobs and contribute to addressing the housing shortage.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Pauline Frost

Quick facts 
  • $300,000 is allotted for planning and design work in the 2019–20 Budget.

  • This mixed income building will be designed for a diverse group of tenants with a range of income levels.

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Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation

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