Modernized service model supports local businesses

The Government of Yukon is streamlining the delivery of printing, storage and distribution services to provide new opportunities for local businesses.

The Queen’s Printer Agency, which currently provides a wide range of government printing services, will now focus exclusively on sensitive material such as budget documents. Central Stores, which currently stocks and distributes government stationery, cleaning supplies and other stock, will be liquidated with services shifted to the private sector.

This transition will provide profitable opportunities to Yukon companies and entrepreneurs, reduce red tape and save taxpayers an estimated $1.6 million a year.

We are always looking for ways to improve service while getting the best value for dollar and supporting a strong, local economy. I am pleased the government has been able to work closely with the Yukon Employees' Union through this process. No employees will lose their jobs as we modernize service delivery.

Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn

Quick facts 
  • The Yukon Financial Advisory Panel’s Final Report emphasized the importance of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government services in order to reduce costs and allow government to focus on its core work of providing services to citizens.

  • Impacted staff are being supported through the transition and are being provided with new opportunities within the government. The Government of Yukon worked with the Yukon Employees' Union to plan the transition of services and to ensure there will be no job losses as a result of these changes.

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