Nelchina caribou herd hunting opportunity opening

The Government of Yukon is offering a threshold hunt for Nelchina caribou that opens on December 1, 2022, in Game Management Subzones 5-04, 5-05 and a portion of 5-06.

The hunt will close on March 31, 2023, or when the threshold limit of 25 caribou is met – whichever happens first. If the Chisana caribou herd enters the Nelchina threshold hunt subzones, the hunt will be closed to conserve and protect the Chisana caribou herd. Caribou herd locations are monitored through GPS collars which transmit data in real-time to biologists.   

To be eligible for this hunting opportunity, hunters must have a valid Yukon big game licence and a caribou seal. Eligible hunters will need to contact their local Department of Environment office to get a Nelchina caribou threshold hunt permit added to their licence. This can be done in-person or by phone.

This harvest opportunity for licensed hunters was made possible through our partnership with Kluane First Nation and White River First Nation. Thank you to department officials who work hard to monitor and ensure that the Chisana herd is protected and not inadvertently harvested.

Minister of Environment Nils Clarke

Quick facts 
  • For information about harvest availability and the open or closed status of this hunt, call the Threshold Hunt Hotline at 1-833-560-HUNT (4868).

  • Hunters must report their harvest and submit the caribou’s incisor bar within 72 hours.

  • The Nelchina caribou herd is estimated to be at 21,000 as of summer 2022.

  • Hunters who request this permit be added to their licence will need to re-download or reprint the updated licence to carry in the field. 


Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications


Chantelle Rivest
Communications, Environment

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