New framework proposed for mineral staking and development in planned and zoned communities

The Government of Yukon is seeking feedback on the proposed Mineral Staking and Development Framework for Planned and Zoned Communities.

The intent of the framework is to ensure that if mineral staking and development is undertaken in Yukon communities, it is conducted in a way that promotes sustainable development, respects community values and minimizes land use conflict.

The public is invited to review the proposed framework and share their ideas, concerns and opinions to help the Yukon government develop effective tools and practices for addressing potential conflicts. Yukoners are encouraged to fill out the online questionnaire at The engagement period is open until October 14, 2022.

This framework aims to improve coordination between community land use planning and mineral regulatory processes. I look forward to seeing how this new approach upholds community values, supports sustainable development and reduces land use conflicts in the Yukon.

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • Mining within community boundaries are subject to mining laws, zoning regulations, and land use planning through official community plans and local area plans.

  • Land in all Yukon communities is available for mineral staking under a free entry system, except private land and areas under prohibition.

  • Within municipalities, mining land use activities are subject to the Official Community Plan (OCP) policies and zoning bylaws made under the Municipal Act.


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