Ready-to-Learn Symposium celebrates innovative approaches in Yukon schools

The Government of Yukon, through the Department of Education, is committed to fostering learning environments that support every child’s emotional and cognitive development. On May 3, approximately 100 Yukon educators attended the Ready-to-Learn Symposium in Whitehorse. This symposium celebrated and advanced the Ready-to-Learn Schools initiative, which is transforming classrooms across the Yukon by creating supportive and inclusive learning environments.

This symposium was a celebration of educators committed to improving their practice and creating safer, more inclusive schools. It was an opportunity to come together to share knowledge, reflect and take action for the benefit of all students. Through training and symposiums like these, Yukon educators are equipped with the tools and understanding to implement Ready-to-Learn approaches, fostering conducive learning environments for all students.

The Ready-to-Learn initiative equips educators with evidence-based strategies to foster students’ cognitive, emotional and behavioural growth, fostering positive change and wellbeing for both students and educators ensuring everyone has the support they need to thrive in a modern learning environment. It emphasizes that a child’s readiness to learn isn’t just about age, it’s about understanding their emotional and cognitive needs. Educators are learning about brain development, the impacts of stress on learning and how to create environments where children feel safe and supported, so they can then tailor their approaches to meet diverse student needs effectively.

At the symposium, successful strategies were highlighted, such as fostering a culture of compassion and understanding for all students, tailoring interactions to meet student needs in the moment, recognizing the importance of students’ emotional regulation for effective learning and prioritizing opportunities for a student to achieve calmness before engaging in coursework. These methods have already led to improved focus, calmness and emotional resilience among students.

Ready-to-Learn Schools represents our government's commitment to fostering safe, inclusive and empowering learning environments across the Yukon. By equipping educators with evidence-based strategies rooted in the Neurosequential Model in Education, schools are not only addressing the immediate needs of students, but also laying the foundation for their long-term success. I extend my gratitude to all educators who are committed to continuous improvement and innovation when it comes to supporting our youngest Yukoners.  

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean

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