Statement from Minister Clarke and Minister Streicker on the Yukon Climate Leadership Council’s report

Minister of Environment Nils Clarke has issued the following statement: 

“Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. We released the Our Clean Future strategy in 2020 to provide a blueprint for the territory to address the climate emergency. While Our Clean Future is ambitious, new and revised actions are necessary to achieve our greenhouse gas reduction goals. 

We know we cannot address climate change alone. For the past nine months, the Yukon Climate Leadership Council, comprising 11 people representing a diversity of perspectives and expertise in the Yukon, have been working collaboratively to identify solutions to address this complex issue. The council recently submitted a set of recommendations to accelerate our climate action to meet the territory’s 45 per cent greenhouse gas reduction target. We want to express our gratitude to the council members for an ambitious set of recommendations in areas such as education; leadership and capacity building; emissions reductions within our homes, work places and communities; clean and healthy mobility; and clean energy. 

Our government is currently reviewing the recommendations of the council. These recommendations will inform the ongoing implementation of Our Clean Future so that it better reflects the diversity of our territory and enhances the actions being taken across the territory as we continue to strive to meet the terriory’s climate goals.”

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources John Streicker has issued the following statement:

“The Yukon is seeing first-hand significant climate and ecological change. There is an urgent need to shift our energy economy and build our resiliency to the climate crisis. 

“The territory’s overall target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent is not wishful thinking, it is incredibly ambitious. The Yukon’s strategy is as ambitious, if not more, when compared to climate action strategies from other jurisdictions across Canada.

“The Yukon Climate Leadership Council and their recommendations are playing a valuable role in enhancing the territory’s climate action plan. These recommendations contribute to our vision of the future and support our broader transition to clean technologies and renewable energy sources. 

“While it can be challenging to achieve our 45 per cent emissions reduction target, we continue to take actions to reach this goal because it is crucial that we do so in this climate emergency.

“Thank you to the members of the Yukon Climate Leadership Council for contributing to our collective efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the territory.”


Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Kyle Nightingale 
Communications, Environment

Brigitte Parker
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

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