Statement from Minister Clarke on hunting in Yukon First Nations traditional territories

The Government of Yukon is aware of the Ross River Dena Council and Liard First Nation’s requests related to hunting in their traditional territories. 

The Wildlife Act guides the Yukon’s licensed hunters and the rules of general application always apply. Licensed hunters do not require permission to hunt on non-Settlement Lands in any traditional territory.
Conservation officers are coordinating and collaborating with Liard First Nation’s Lands and Resources department to ensure a respectful approach to hunting, fishing and trapping in the area and are reaching out to Ross River Dena Council to engage with their Lands Department to discuss a similar respectful approach to harvesting in their traditional territory.

Minister of Environment Nils Clarke released the following statement:

“Our government is committed to working with First Nations and the Inuvialuit to address these complex wildlife conservation concerns. We share the priority of conserving wildlife species in the Yukon and take our responsibility of ensuring sustainable harvesting practices seriously. 

Conserving wildlife is a joint effort. By taking a collaborative, government-to-government approach to our mutual commitment of conservation, we can better ensure access and enjoyment of wildlife for generations to come. 

We must all be respectful of the First Nation and Inuvialuit traditional territories we live, work and play on. We ask all licensed hunters in the Yukon to be aware that all areas where you hunt are in the traditional territory of a First Nation or the Inuvialuit. All hunters should be respectful of the land and incorporate responsible hunting practices during their hunt.”


Renée Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

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