Statement from Minister of Health and Social Services McPhee on Mental Health Awareness Week

Health and Social Services Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee has issued the following statement:

“Today marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, nationally observed from May 6 to 12. This year, the Canadian Mental Health Association is asking Canadians to embrace Healing through Compassion, a theme that underscores the role of compassion in enhancing mental health and overall wellbeing.

“Our government is committed to investing in a healthy Yukon and supporting Yukoners' mental health. That is why we are investing $5.1 million to complete the Mental Wellness Unit at the Whitehorse General Hospital. Further, we’re investing $15.3 million in additional funding to meet the needs of the Yukon Hospital Corporation to support Yukoners across the territory, including critical mental wellness supports.

“These are some of the many steps we’re taking as part of our commitment to making mental health resources accessible to all and fostering a supportive Yukon free from stigma. 

“This week, and all year-round, I extend my gratitude to the Canadian Mental Health Association – Yukon Division and to all Yukoners who embody the spirit of this year's theme through their dedication to mental health advocacy, support and education. Their efforts are essential in ensuring that mental wellness is recognized and nurtured across the territory.

“We also celebrate the various community initiatives that demonstrate compassion in action. From local wellness programs to mental health first aid courses, these projects highlight the positive impact of community-led support.

“The benefits of compassion extend far beyond alleviating stress; they enhance emotional resilience, strengthen social connections and improve physical health by mitigating stress-related effects. They also extend into our communities.

Fostering a compassionate society enhances inclusivity and accessibility in mental health care, helping to dismantle the barriers and stigma associated with seeking help.

“This May, I encourage every Yukoner to embody compassion and commit to a personal act of kindness. Whether it’s checking in on a neighbour, sharing a warm meal with someone in need, offering a listening ear or being polite to someone who is serving us in a store or a restaurant, these gestures knit together a fabric of community that upholds mental health.

“As we observe Mental Health Awareness Week, I invite all Yukoners to actively participate in this week’s activities, to deepen their understanding of mental health and to extend the spirit of compassion into every aspect of our lives."


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Laura Seeley
Cabinet Communications

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