Statement from Premier Pillai on Holodomor Memorial Day

Premier Ranj Pillai has issued the following statement:

“As we commemorate Holodomor Memorial Day tomorrow, we solemnly remember one of the darkest chapters in human history, where millions of Ukrainians lost their lives due to human-made famine in the early 1930s. This day serves as a painful reminder of the suffering and hardship endured by countless individuals and families.

"The Holodomor, which means 'to kill by hunger', stands as a stark demonstration of the repercussions of totalitarianism and abuse of power and the importance of protecting human rights and the dignity of every person. We remember the victims, many of whom perished silently and suffered unimaginable horrors. Their stories of resilience, even in the face of adversity, clearly illustrate the enduring spirit of the Ukrainian people.

“As we commemorate Holodomor Memorial Day, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of justice, freedom and respect for human rights. It is a day for us to honour the memory of those who suffered, to ensure that such atrocities are never repeated and to support efforts to preserve the historical truth of the Holodomor.

“Let us stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people who have overcome immense challenges and continue to strive for a better future. Together, we pledge to remember, to educate and to make sure that the world never forgets.

“In observance of Holodomor Memorial Day, we extend our deepest condolences to those affected by this tragic event. May the memory of the victims inspire us to work tirelessly for a world free from oppression and hunger.”

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