Update on the Dawson City Ice Bridge

Unfortunately, due to unfavourable conditions, construction will not proceed on this year's ice bridge in Dawson City.

The decision to cancel the ice bridge construction this year was made following close monitoring of the river by the Department of Highways and Public Works and in consideration of public safety. Due to temperature fluctuations and an upstream ice jam, open water remained in the location of the planned bridge, preventing construction of the crossing.  

The government understands the importance of the ice bridge for the Dawson community and is actively exploring options to improve its success in future years. A consultant has been hired to examine possible alternative route options in preparation for next winter. 

Emergency services are accessible for West Dawson residents by phoning 911. Virtual health appointments and other health resources online are also available to residents, including:

  • 24/7 health advice by phoning 811; and
  • virtual health appointments with a doctor.
Quick facts 
  • The current ice formation conditions are uncommon, but they have been seen in the past, such as in 2018–19 and 2013–14.

  • Currently there is between 45-50 metres of open water in the area where the ice bridge is usually constructed.

  • The George Black ferry operation typically begins in mid-May.

Media contact 

Carla Bohman
Communications, Department of Highways and Public Works

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