Whitehorse Walk-In Clinic moves to permanent location at Mah’s Point

Yukoners deserve a health care system that provides them timely access to services when and where they need them. The Government of Yukon’s Whitehorse Walk-in Clinic will welcome clients to its new, permanent home at Mah’s Point, 2145 2nd Avenue on Monday, April 29, 2024.

The clinic’s team of physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, medical office assistants and social workers will continue to provide high-quality care in the new facility. Client visiting hours at the new location will expand to Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4 pm, allowing for greater accessibility and convenience for Yukoners seeking care. The telephone line will be open from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm.

While the clinic does not provide emergency services, long-term care, on-site specialist consultations, major surgical procedures, advanced diagnostics or maternity and childbirth services, it will continue to provide non-urgent health care services for Yukoners unattached to a primary health care provider, including same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, certain necessary medical procedures, as well as referrals and prescriptions for non-narcotic medications. This will contribute to improvements in Yukoners’ health overall and reduce the pressure on the Whitehorse General Hospital Emergency Department.

To manage patient traffic efficiently and to offer the best possible care experience, we encourage Yukoners to call 867-471-0035 to check wait times and book a same-day appointment. Walk-ins are welcome and will be accommodated based on the clinic's capacity.

The opening of the Whitehorse Walk-In Clinic at Mah’s Point reflects the Government of Yukon’s dedication to improving primary care services and ensuring that every Yukoner has access to health care. This effort aligns with the government's strategic health care initiatives and the Putting People First report, aiming to connect every Yukoner with a primary care provider within an integrated health care system.


The opening of the Whitehorse Walk-In Clinic at Mah’s Point not only signifies an important advancement in health care accessibility for Yukoners, it also greatly improves our capacity to serve the community. The newly-renovated permanent location at Mah’s Point enables health care service providers to provide a broad array of essential health services to even more Yukoners. I want to express my deep appreciation to the health care staff and physicians for their continued dedication and hard work. Their commitment helps ensure Yukoners can receive timely and compassionate care when they need it. 

Minister of Health and Social Services Tracy-Anne McPhee

We’ve heard from Yukoners how the walk-in clinic has improved their access to healthcare and decreased the time they’ve spent sitting in the ER. The Yukon NDP made this a commitment to the Confidence and Supply Agreement because we know that we need to prioritize the health and wellbeing of Yukoners. We’re glad to see this government fulfill that commitment. We are thankful to the healthcare staff and physicians who have made the walk-in clinic possible

MLA for Vuntut Gwitchin and Yukon NDP Critic for Health and Social Services Annie Blake 

Quick facts 
  • Aligned with the 2020 Putting People First report, the Whitehorse Walk-In Clinic contributes to advancing Recommendation 2.2, aiming to connect every Yukoner with a primary care provider as part of an integrated health care team.

  • The walk-in clinic is located on the ground floor of the Mah's Point building at the corner of Jarvis Street and 2145 2nd Avenue in Whitehorse.

  • In 2024–25, the Government of Yukon budgeted $1.43 million to support the operations of the Whitehorse Walk-In Clinic. Measures in Budget 2024–25 are subject to legislative approval.

  • As of March 8, 2024, the clinic has provided care to over 600 patients at its temporary location.

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