Yukon Emergency Medical Services team members recognized with national awards for exemplary service and excellence

Today, the Honourable Angélique Bernard, Commissioner of Yukon, awarded the Governor General’s Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal to four Yukon Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team members.

This national award recognizes the good conduct, industry and efficiency of professionals who have provided pre-hospital emergency medical services to the public in an exemplary manner for at least 20 years. This year’s recipients are:

  • Duncan MacRae;
  • Laurel Cole;
  • Bryan Crow; and
  • Devin Bailey

The Jon Trefry Award for Excellence, the 12 Year Yukon Emergency Medical Services Medal and the Yukon Emergency Medical Services Chief’s Awards were also awarded to the following Yukoners.

Jon Trefry Award recipient:

  • Nicholle Ingalls

12 Year Yukon Emergency Medical Services Medal:

  • Kyle Riel

Chief of EMS Commendation Award recipients:

  • Cathy Brais; and
  • Rick Staley

The Commissioner of Yukon, Angélique Bernard, and award recipients were joined today at Shipyards Park in Whitehorse by Minister of Health and Social Services Tracy-Anne McPhee, members of Yukon EMS, members of the Fire Marshal’s Office, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Whitehorse Fire Department to celebrate these achievements.

Today, we proudly honour these exceptional individuals who have served our community with unwavering dedication in emergency medical services. Their exemplary conduct and commitment have positively impacted countless lives. Congratulations to all recipients of these distinguished awards, and thank you to all Emergency Medical Services personnel for their outstanding contributions to the Yukon’s safety and well-being.

Minister of Health and Social Services, Tracy-Anne McPhee

On behalf of the Governor General of Canada, I would like to congratulate the recipients of this year's Governor General's award.  Thank you for your service to Yukon.

Honourable Angélique Bernard, Commissioner of Yukon

Quick facts 
  • In 2021, the first-ever Jon Trefry Award was presented to its namesake, for their commitment to community and outstanding contributions to Yukon Emergency Medical Services over the years.

  • Award recipients include critical care paramedics, primary care paramedics, emergency response communications officers, community responders and members of the management team.

  • The 12 Year Yukon Emergency Medical Services Medal is awarded to all emergency medical services personnel who have completed at least 12 years of service.

  • Yukon Emergency Medical Services Chief’s Award was established by Yukon Emergency Service to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of regular duty.

  • Since April, Yukon Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has transitioned from the Department of Community Services to the Department of Health and Social Services to support more integrated and collaborative health care for Yukoners.

  • Working towards more integrated health care is a recommendation from the Putting People First report and will help lay the foundation to transition to Health and Wellness Yukon in the coming years.

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