Yukon Housing Corporation launches “Creating Home”, a new approach to housing

This news release has been updated with a quick fact about the Quadruple Aim framework.

Yukon Housing Corporation works collaboratively to deliver affordable housing and programs that address the housing needs of Yukoners while contributing to healthy, sustainable and inclusive Yukon communities. Creating Home is the Yukon Housing Corporation’s new five-year strategic plan that lays out a bold new strategy to transform affordable housing service delivery in the territory. This plan puts clients at the centre and through increased collaboration and support, will lead to better outcomes for Yukoners and communities.

While home may look and feel different for everyone, this document lays the foundation for more Yukoners to lead healthy lives and strive for their full potential, with the right supports and community connections in place to allow clients to succeed and to help them create a sense of belonging and home.

This new strategic direction draws on a recognized framework in the health care sector, known as the Quadruple Aim, and adapts it to the housing sector. This innovative approach to housing delivery will lead to better outcomes by improving the client and provider experience, strengthening community wellbeing and contributing to a sustainable future.

Key areas of focus for the next several months include developing a more client-centred engagement approach, creating a standard way to assess housing needs in communities and securing key housing partnerships to realize more housing options for Yukoners. 

As the Chair of Yukon Housing Corporation’s Board of Directors, I am pleased to introduce the new five-year strategic plan. This strategy is not just a document; it is a commitment to deliver better housing outcomes and ultimately improve the wellbeing of our clients and our communities. Because housing is not just shelter; it is the cornerstone of a society’s wellness.  


Yukon Housing Corporation Board of Directors Chair Doris Bill

Creating Home is the result of months of introspection, creative thinking and teamwork. Inspired by a framework meant to re-design and transform health care delivery, Creating Home seeks to do the same in the housing sector. The successful implementation of this bold strategy will respond directly to the findings of Canada’s Auditor General. We hope it will also inspire other housing organizations to shift their approach to housing service delivery.

Premier and Minister responsible for Yukon Housing Corporation Ranj Pillai

Our government understands housing is a key determinant of health and wellbeing. This five-year plan for the Yukon Housing Corporation will help strengthen community wellness overall and improve housing outcomes for all Yukoners. I look forward to seeing this new strategic direction help our government and our partners work together to create a territory that everyone can call home.

Minister of Health and Social Services Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • The five-year strategic plan will serve as the corporation’s road map as it works with partners and Yukoners to create homes. 

  • The strategic planning process was informed by stakeholder and staff engagement between January 2023 and August 2023.

  • Yukon Housing Corporation’s Board of Directors has endorsed the strategic plan and will oversee its implementation over the next five years.

  • The Quadruple Aim is a framework advocating for redesigning health care delivery systems to improve patient experiences, advance population health, improve the health care provider experience, and ensure a responsible use of public funds. Other Canadian jurisdictions, including the federal government and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, utilize Quadruple Aim in their health care planning.  

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