Yukon Permanent Art Collection welcomes 14 new diverse works of art

Galaxy Owl pendant by Cohen Quash

The Government of Yukon has selected 14 new works of art for inclusion in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.

The new acquisitions are the work of artists Shiela Alexandrovich, Hildur Jónasson, Sarah Lennie, Meshell Melvin, Rebekah Miller, Aubyn O’Grady, Jackie Olson, Cohen Quash, Rosemary Scanlon, Veronica Verkley, Sharon Vittrekwa, Meg Walker and Twyla Wheeler. The selected works of art reflect a range of styles and approaches and encompass a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, textile, printmaking and fine craft.

The pieces were selected through the annual call for submissions process held by the Yukon government and the Friends of Yukon Permanent Art Collection (FOYPAC). Selections were made from 102 works submitted by 49 artists.

Images of all 14 works can be viewed at Yukon.ca/2022-23-yukon-permanent-art-collection-acquisitions. An official exhibition in the foyer gallery of the Jim Smith Building in Whitehorse is planned for the fall.

We are honoured to welcome these 14 new works into the Yukon Permanent Art Collection where they will be preserved as part of the Yukon’s cultural legacy. I would like to also acknowledge the Friends of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection for their dedication and thoughtful selection of work that captures the talent and diversity of visual art practice in the territory. I look forward to the public exhibition this fall.

Minister of Tourism and Culture John Streicker

FOYPAC thanks all artists who applied to this year’s Call for Submissions. Each of the pieces submitted enriches the jury process by exposing our members to an exceptional range and quality of artwork. We’re pleased to welcome these new acquisitions to the collection and honoured to help share their important messages, document artists’ evolving careers and bring attention to the tenderness of their making. 

President of the Friends of Yukon Permanent Art Collection Geneviève Gagnon

My thoughts on being the youngest person to have a piece in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection are that it is very exciting and I am grateful. I am so thankful my Great-Grandma Pansy Forsberg passed down her teachings to me. Having this Galaxy Owl piece in the permanent art collection reminds me how hard I have been working in the past two years on my business. I started at 11 and this means that I’m gonna work even harder. What I want to see are kids my age and even younger getting inspired to follow their dreams no matter what age they are.

Artist Cohen Quash 

Quick facts 
  • The new acquisitions were selected by the Friends of Yukon Permanent Art Collection (FOYPAC) through an arms-length adjudication process. FOYPAC is a non-profit society made up of artists, art professionals and community members dedicated to the continued growth and development of the collection.

  • Works from the collection are shown in public areas of government buildings in Whitehorse, Dawson, Faro, Haines Junction and Mayo. They are also periodically displayed in special curated exhibitions produced by Tourism and Culture’s Arts Section or through loans to other institutions.

  • There are currently over 530 works of art by more than 285 artists in the collection.

  • The 2023-24 call for submissions will be announced this fall.


2022/23 Yukon Permanent Art Collection

Title of Work



In Honour of Old Horses

Shiela Alexandrovich


Hope Spot III

Hildur Jónasson


Let’s Go Dance!

Sarah Lennie

Fine Craft

Berry Song

Meshell Melvin


Birch Corset

Rebekah Miller


What the H.E. Double-Hockey-Sticks

Aubyn O’Grady


Red Hands, 2023

Jackie Olson


Galaxy Pendant

Cohen Quash

Fine Craft


Rosemary Scanlon


Fight or Flight Study Skins #1

Veronica Verkley


Commission – Gun Case and Bullet Bag

Sharon Vittrekwa

Fine Craft

So much for that

Meg Walker


Tufting Berry Bag

Twyla Wheeler

Fine Craft

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