Get a Yukon fishing licence

You need a valid Yukon fishing licence if you want to fish in the Yukon unless you're 1 of the exceptions.

Get familiar with the Yukon fishing regulations summary before you go fishing.

New for 2024

  • Yukon fishing licences and sport fishing licences will be available for purchase online and in person at a Department of Environment office starting March 18. The licenses will be valid from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.
    • Note: If you are planning to go fishing over the Easter weekend (March 29 to April 1, 2024), you must have a valid fishing licence for both the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons. 

Licence requirements

You'll need to provide your legal name, birth date, phone number and address to get a fishing licence. You'll also need a piece of government-issued photo identification.

Options for buying a Yukon fishing licence

Buy online

Get a Yukon fishing licence

Buy in person


Licence fees

Fees change every year based on inflation. 

Yukon and Alaska residents

Alaska residents must produce a current Alaska Resident Sport Fishing Licence and government-issued photo identification to qualify for this rate.

Season: $17.23

Non-resident Canadian

Season: $28.72
6-day: $17.23
1-day: $11.48

Non-resident alien

Season: $40.21
6-day: $22.97
1-day: $11.48

Senior Yukon residents (65+)

Fishing licences are free for seniors.

Youth (under 16)

Fishing licences are free for youth under 16 years of age.

First Nations, Inuvialuit and other Indigenous Peoples in the Yukon

To fish outside of areas where you have subsistence harvest rights, you'll need a fishing licence.

If you're a Yukon resident who is a Citizen or Member of a Yukon First Nation, the Tetlit Gwich’in or the Inuvialuit, and you wish to harvest outside of a right, you can can obtain a Yukon fishing licence at no cost from Department of Environment offices or online. Proof of eligibility is required.

You'll need to have:

  • an identification card issued under the Indian Act; or
  • proof of enrolment under a Yukon First Nations Final Agreement, the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement or the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.

Yukon First Nation beneficiaries and Inuvialuit 55 years or older on the effective date of their Final Agreement do not need to show proof of enrolment.

What does a Yukon fishing licence cover?

Seasonal licences are valid April 1 to March 31. You can fish in Yukon waters for most species, including landlocked kokanee salmon. Other types of salmon are not covered by this licence.

Fishing for types of salmon other than kokanee

You also need a Yukon Salmon Conservation Catch Card. These are valid April 1 to November 30.

Fishing in National Parks

You need a Parks Canada fishing licence.

Additional licence required

You will need another licence in addition to your Yukon fishing licence for:

  • fishing using a dip net for whitefish and suckers;
  • fishing using set lines for burbot;
  • fishing at Tetl’ámǟn (Tatlmain Lake) or Wellesley Lake;
  • snagging cisco for bait off the Tagish Bridge or Carcross Foot Bridge (Nares River); or
  • fishing derbies.

This additional licence is called a “sport fishing licence.”

You can get a sport fishing licence from a Department of Environment office and from some other locations listed in the Yukon fishing regulations summary.

Your responsibilities

  • Carry your licence with you and be ready to produce it if a conservation or fisheries officer asks to see it.
  • Permit and licence signature blocks must be signed. Printed copies of electronic licences do not need to be signed.
  • You can't use another person’s fishing licence or allow another person to use yours.
  • Follow the Yukon fishing regulations.

Who needs a Yukon fishing licence?

Everyone needs a licence to fish except:

  • Youth under 16 years of age.
  • Members of a Yukon First Nation fishing for subsistence within their Traditional Territory.
  • Members of a Yukon First Nation with written permission to fish for subsistence in the Traditional Territory of another First Nation.
  • Individuals who hold a British Columbia (BC) angling licence may fish in a Yukon-BC transboundary water. This includes:
    • Bennett, Laidlaw, Morley, Tagish and Teslin lakes, not including inlet or outlet streams.
    • Rancheria River, Swift River and their tributaries.

Special rules for young anglers

  • Youth under 16 years of age can fish with or without a licence and must follow the Yukon fishing regulations.
  • Yukon resident youth can fish without supervision from an adult licence holder. They are entitled to their own catch and possession limits.
  • Non-resident youth may fish without a licence, but must be accompanied by an adult with a valid Yukon fishing licence. The catch and possession of unlicensed non-resident youth is counted as part of the limits of the adult licence holder.
  • All youth must have their own Yukon Salmon Conservation Catch Card to fish for salmon.

Replacing a Yukon fishing licence

You must replace lost or destroyed licences.

  • Replace your licence at a Yukon Department of Environment office for $2.
  • Reprint your electronic licence from your Environment eServices account free of charge.

For questions about applying for a Yukon fishing licence, email [email protected], or phone 867-667-5652 or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5652.