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Learn about the Yukon’s school curriculum

Yukon schools follow the British Columbia (B.C.) curriculum, with adaptations to include:

  • Yukon content; and
  • Yukon First Nations’ ways of knowing and doing.

Yukon's curriculum

Learn more about what students learn in each subject area and at each grade level by checking out B.C.’s curriculum.

The curriculum includes:

  • learning standards (what students should learn);
  • foundations skills (literacy and numeracy);
  • core competencies (the general skills your child is developing);
  • big ideas (the concepts and themes for that grade or subject);
  • curricular competencies (the specific skills your child is developing);
  • assessment and reporting information; and
  • other resources (for example, sample projects and units, Indigenous perspectives).

Learn more about the curriculum changes.

How First Nations' perspectives are incorporated into the curriculum

Yukon's curriculum and First Nations

The Government of Yukon adapted the new BC school curriculum to fit the Yukon context. We integrated Yukon First Nations language, history, culture and ways of knowing, doing and being into all subject areas and grade levels.

For example:

  • math;
  • art;
  • social studies;
  • science; and
  • English language arts.

Learn more about how First Nations perspectives are incorporated
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About the Yukon curriculum

For questions, email or phone: 867-667-5609 or toll-free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5609.

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