Seasonal Time Change

Yukoners no longer have to change their clocks twice a year. The time we are on right now will be the correct time and Yukoners will not be ‘falling back’ on November 1, 2020.

The current time is

Time in Yukon:

Comparing time zones across Canada

November 2020

Yukon will be:

  • on the same time as Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and northeastern British Columbia; and
  • 1 hour ahead of the rest of British Columbia.

March 2021

Yukon will be:

  • on the same time as all of British Columbia; and
  • 1 hour behind Alberta and Northwest Territories.

Download the Seasonal Time Change poster to see how Yukon's time zone compares to other provinces and territories across Canada. 

What this means for Yukoners

Yukon will be permanently 7 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time, also called UTC -7. There are a lot of ways of describing a time zone. Coordinated Universal Time is the global time standard, so we are using that as our reference. 

All of the following time zones are the same as the new Yukon time:

  • Coordinated Universal Time -7 (UTC -7)
  • Greenwich Mean Time -7 (GMT -7)
  • Mountain Standard Time
  • UTC -7 Yukon
  • Whitehorse
  • America/Dawson
  • America/Whitehorse
  • Canada/Yukon
  • Arizona* 

*Arizona should only be use for devices where any of the above options do not show up as an option. Preferred time zone selections are “Yukon” “Whitehorse” or “Mountain Standard Time” with the daylight saving option set to off. 

How to prepare your devices

Automatic updates

We have been in touch with local, national and international telecommunications businesses and organizations in order to make sure that global databases are updated, and to ensure the transition will be as smooth as possible.

You may already be seeing the new time zone reflected on your phones and computers.

Make sure your device has all current updates installed. This will ensure that your device recognizes it is in a different time zone. It should then automatically show the right time.

Manual updates

If you wish to manually set your device to the new time zone, follow these general steps:

  1. Go into your devices setting for date and time.
  2. Select one of the time zones listed above.
  3. Make sure any option to automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time is turned off.

Each device may be different. Contact your service provider for specific questions.

Effects on calendars, schedules and appointments 

Calendar items created under the old time zone may continue to ‘think’ they are on Pacific time after November 1. When Pacific time switches to standard time on November 1, those items think they are on UTC -8, causing them to show up an hour later than intended in Yukon time.

This may affect any scheduling platform that was previously using Pacific time. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • dentist, doctor, and other health appointments;
  • calendar software and apps (Google, Outlook, and Apple Calendars); and
  • machine automation.

How to update your calendars, schedules and appointments

Ensure all of your device and software updates are installed.
If your device, calendar or scheduling system does not show “Yukon” or “Whitehorse” time automatically after updating, you need to set it to Yukon time manually.

Instructions for popular calendars:

Contact your calendar, appointment or scheduling software provider if you require further instructions.

Public engagement outcomes

We undertook a public engagement on seasonal time change from January 6 to February 16, 2020.

We received 4,829 survey submissions:

  • 97% came from citizens; and
  • 3% came from businesses and organizations.

Yukoners were asked for their input on whether they want to keep the twice-annual time change or observe a single time permanently. 93% supported ending the practice.

For those supporting ending the practice:

  • 70% wanted to stay on Pacific Daylight Saving Time year-round;
  • 25% wanted to stay on Pacific Standard Time year-round; and
  • 5% had no preference.

Read the full What We Heard report.

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