Yukon Standard Time

Yukon is permanently 7 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC -7). In Yukon, we do not ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back’.

The current time is

Time in Yukon

Comparing time zones across Canada

November to March

Yukon is:

  • on the same time as Alberta, the Northwest Territories and northeastern British Columbia; and
  • 1 hour ahead of the rest of British Columbia.

March to November

Yukon is:

  • on the same time as all of British Columbia; and
  • 1 hour behind Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Download the Seasonal Time Change poster to see how Yukon's time zone compares to other provinces and territories across Canada. 

Yukon’s time zone on devices

Yukon will be permanently 7 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time, also called UTC -7. 

All of the following time zones are the same as the new Yukon time:

  • Coordinated Universal Time -7 (UTC -7)
  • Greenwich Mean Time -7 (GMT -7)
  • Mountain Standard Time
  • UTC -7 Yukon
  • Whitehorse
  • America/Dawson
  • America/Whitehorse
  • Canada/Yukon
  • Arizona

The preferred time zone selections are “Yukon”, “Whitehorse” or “Mountain Standard Time”. If you are setting your time zone manually, make sure the option to automatically change the Daylight Saving Time is set to off.

Make sure your device has all current updates installed. This will ensure that your device recognizes it is in the correct time zone. It should then automatically show the right time. Each device may be different. Contact your service provider for specific questions.

If you are unsure about calendars and scheduling of appointments, contact the person or office you have the appointment with.

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Read the What We Heard report from the public engagement on seasonal time change.

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