Ten new long-term care beds to open at Thomson Centre

The Government of Yukon is creating 10 new long-term care bedrooms at Thomson Centre in Whitehorse. Adding these much-needed beds will help reduce pressures at the Whitehorse General Hospital and at community hospitals across Yukon.

There are currently 75 individuals on a waiting list for placement in a continuing care facility, with nine occupying beds at the Whitehorse General Hospital. The new rooms will provide some of these patients with a home that better meets their needs, as most no longer require the high level of care provided by the hospital.

Continuing care support provides patients with appropriate treatment while ensuring equitable access to acute care beds within our hospitals – which are being used by the people who need them most. The Government of Yukon and the Yukon Hospital Corporation will continue to develop community-based solutions to the challenges being experienced within the health system.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

These additional continuing care beds will alleviate pressure within our hospitals and allow more individuals to receive the right care at the right place and at the right time. We look forward to working with our government, community and stakeholder partners to complete this project and other initiatives that will help meet Yukoners’ future healthcare needs.

Yukon Hospital Corporation CEO Jason Bilsky

Quick facts 
  • The annual cost of operating the 10 bedrooms is $2.3 million.

  • The one-time cost of renovating and equipping the space is approximately $1.23 million.

  • Ten long-term care bedrooms were previously added to Thomson Centre in 2016. That same year, four additional long-term care rooms were opened at McDonald Lodge in Dawson.

  • The 150-bed Whistle Bend Place continuing care facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.

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