Travel expense report for the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region summit, July 21 to 31, 2022

Department: Executive Council Office

Location: Calgary

Purpose of the trip: To attend the Pacific Northwest Economic Region annual summit in Calgary, which brings together public and private sector leaders from 10 jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States. Premier Silver was a featured speaker on a panel entitled Economic Development Challenges in a Volatile Arctic, and had bilateral meetings with, among others, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s Consul General in Seattle Mia Yen, the United States Ambassador to Canada David Cohen, and the United States Consul General in Calgary Holly Waeger Monster. Issues discussed includes climate change and clean energy, Arctic sovereignty and security, infrastructure development, economic recovery, agriculture, supply chains and labour force challenges.


  • Sandy Silver, Premier
  • Jasmina Randhawa, Chief of Staff
  • Matthew Cameron, Director of Communications

Total travel expenditures for participants

Airfare: $2,306.30
Accommodation: $1,719.96
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $1,085.26

Total costs for this trip: $5,111.52

Individual participant travel expenditures

Premier Sandy Silver (July 23 to 31)

Airfare: $426.48
Accommodation: $195.35
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $231.50

Total costs for this trip: $853.33

Jasmina Randhawa (July 24 to 27)

Airfare: $966.86
Accommodation: $586.05
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $460.75

Total costs for this trip: $2,013.66

Matthew Cameron (July 21 to 27)

Airfare: $912.96
Accommodation: $938.56
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $393.01

Total costs for this trip: $2,244.53

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