Travel expense report for Yukon Days and Federal Bilateral Engagements, December 2 to 9, 2022

Department: Executive Council Office

Location: Vancouver/Ottowa

Purpose of the trip: Premier Silver travelled to Ottawa for trilateral meetings to present priorities shared by the Yukon Government and Yukon First Nations governments to federal Ministers. Joint priorities discussed at this year’s meetings included support for Indigenous languages, the substance use health emergency, land use planning, First Nations housing, Yukon River salmon and the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits program.


  • Sandy Silver, Premier
  • Jasmina Randhawa, Chief of Staff
  • Matthew Cameron, Director of Communications

Total travel expenditures for participants

Airfare: $3,602.05
Accommodation: $8,046.18
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $2,505.08

Total costs for this trip: $14,153.31

Individual participant travel expenditures

Premier Sandy Silver (December 2 to 9)

Airfare: $1,297.90
Accommodation: $2,682.06
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $737.95

Total costs for this trip: $4,717.91

Jasmina Randhawa (December 2 to 9)

Airfare: $1,097.25
Accommodation: $2,682.06
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $948.68

Total costs for this trip: $4,727.99

Matthew Cameron (December 2 to 9)

Airfare: $1,206.90
Accommodation: $2,682.06
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $818.45

Total costs for this trip: $4,707.41

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