Travel expense report for Yukon Days, CIT meetings and mining meetings, December 4 to 11, 2022

Department: Economic Development, Tourism and Culture and the Yukon Housing Corporation

Location: Ottawa/Toronto/Vancouver

Purpose of the trip: Minister Pillai travelled to Ottawa for trilateral meetings to present priorities shared by the Yukon Government and Yukon First Nations governments to federal Ministers. Minister Pillai also participated in several bilateral meetings with federal Ministers including Minister Boissonnault to discuss the tourism industry and Minister Hussen to discuss housing priorities. Minister Pillai then travelled to Toronto to chair the annual Committee on Internal Trade Ministers meeting to advance the implementation of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement. From there, Minister Pillai went on to Vancouver for meetings with a number of mining companies.


  • Ranj Pillai, Minister
  • Kimberly Stavert, Ministerial Advisor

Total travel expenditures for participants

Airfare: $4,374.03
Accommodation: $3,641.80
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $1,671.71

Total costs for this trip: $9,687.54

Individual participant travel expenditures

Minister Ranj Pillai (December 4 to 11)

Airfare: $2,384.08
Accommodation: $2,165.76
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $1,105.71

Total costs for this trip: $5,655.55

Kimberly Stavert (December 5 to 9)

Airfare: $1,989.95
Accommodation: $1,476.04
Other (per diems, taxi, etc.): $566.00

Total costs for this trip: $4,031.99

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