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Yukon Grown

The Yukon Grown program certifies that local food products meet certain guidelines for being labelled as raised or grown in the Yukon.

About Yukon Grown

The Yukon Grown program increases public and food-retailer awareness of products grown in the Yukon.

The goal is to:

  • build awareness of Yukon-grown products;
  • build on partnerships among stakeholders;
  • help Yukon farmers sell more their products; and
  • increase food self-sufficiency.

The Yukon Grown program evolved from the Yukon Grown marketing strategy and supports the government’s commitments in the Yukon Local Food Strategy.

Qualification for Yukon Grown products

Agriculture and food products identified as Yukon Grown must meet the following criteria.

For livestock production

Yukon Grown is defined as livestock, meat or meat products derived from livestock that:

  • was born and lived its entire life in the Yukon;
  • spent a minimum of 51 per cent of its life in the Yukon; or
  • lived in the Yukon for at least 1 complete calendar year.

For crop production

Yukon Grown is defined as plants or plant material and the products derived from these plants that:

  • originated from a source in the Yukon;
  • was grown in the Yukon for no less than 51 per cent of its life cycle; or
  • has been nurtured in the Yukon for at least 1 complete year.

For processed foods

Food and beverage items that were manufactured within the Yukon where the main ingredient is a Yukon Grown certified item, having been grown, caught, or raised in the Yukon.

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Find a provider for Yukon Grown products

See our list is of local providers offering products that qualify for the Yukon Grown program.
View the Yukon Grown list

Get listed as a provider of Yukon Grown products

Our Yukon Grown list is of local providers offering products that qualify for our  program. You can apply to join our program if you produce or provide qualifying agricultural or food products.

The Yukon Grown program includes:

  • farmers;
  • producers;
  • food processors;
  • restaurants;
  • retailers;
  • caterers; and
  • foragers.

Benefits of joining the network

  • Being on the Yukon Grown program list
  • Direct promotion to potential Yukon Grown clients and customers
  • Inclusion in our Yukon Grown marketing and promotional efforts
  • Use of authorized Yukon Grown marketing and promotional materials


You’re a local provider offering qualifying products that are eligible under the Yukon Grown program.

Join the Yukon Grown program

  1. Contact the Agriculture Branch
    In person: Room 320 in the Elijah Smith Building, 300 Main Street in Whitehorse. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Email: yukongrown@yukon.ca
    Phone: 867-667-5838 or toll free: 1-800-661-0408 extension 5838
  2. We’ll provide you with an application form.
  3. Complete and sign the application form.
  4. Submit your application to the Agriculture Branch.
  5. We’ll review your application and inform you if you qualify.
  6. If you qualify, we'll provide you with our authorized Yukon Grown marketing materials.
  7. We’ll then add your information to the Yukon Grown program list.

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