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Yukon Midwifery Program

The new Yukon Midwifery Program will provide safe, integrated midwifery care to pregnant people and their babies during: 

  • pregnancy; 

  • birth; and

  • up to 8 weeks after the baby’s birth.

Registered midwives are highly trained members of the health care team. They specialize in caring for people during all stages of pregnancy, labour, birth and early postpartum care. They’re now integrated into the Yukon health system and work closely with other health and social system providers to ensure that Yukoners receive high quality care. 

About the Yukon Midwifery Program

The Yukon Midwifery Program will offer:

  • supportive, person-centred care; 
  • high-quality maternity care that is publicly funded;
  • a full range of midwifery services, from prenatal and labour to postpartum care; 
  • birthing choices with a licensed and insured provider at your home or in the hospital; 
  • routine diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds and lab work, and prescriptions; 
  • screening for physical, emotional and social health; 
  • referrals to other care providers and specialists, as needed; 
  • information to help a pregnant person make informed decisions; and
  • care that centres on your values, experiences, culture and traditions. 

Our values

The Yukon Midwifery Program values are: 

  • supporting informed decision making; 
  • meeting you where you’re at;
  • enabling your choice of birthplace;
  • providing care when and how you need it;
  • providing inclusive care through small teams; and
  • honouring culture and tradition, along with your unique values and beliefs.

About registered midwifery services

Registered midwifery services are safe

Research shows that both regulating and fully integrating midwifery into a health system is critical to creating safe birthing environments for both the birthing parent and infant. For example, giving birth at home with a registered midwife can be as safe as a hospital birth for the infant and pregnant parent. This is according to a Canadian study of 23,000 home and hospital births that was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2015.

The difference between a registered midwife and a doula

Registered midwives are trained health professionals who:

  • are licensed, insured and fully integrated into the health system;
  • provide a high standard of specialized care for pregnant people;
  • deliver babies; and
  • look after newborns. 

Registered midwives are trained to provide all necessary medical care and support within their scope. This includes providing care at people’s homes, at the midwifery clinic or at a hospital. Registered midwives can also order routine diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds and lab work, prescribe medications and screen for physical, emotional and social health. 

Doulas do not provide medical care or deliver babies. They provide emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labour or postpartum. They can work as part of the care team to provide a positive experience for people who want this extra level of support. 

How to access midwifery services

In the Yukon

Whitehorse residents can now apply for midwifery care.

You can apply: 

1. Online

Apply now

2. In person

  • Complete your application form.
  • Submit in person at 9010 Quartz Road, Whitehorse
  • Open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4:30 pm

It is anticipated that the program will be fully staffed with a total of 4 registered midwives in the coming months. The program will soon expand to offer full midwifery services to pregnant people living in Whitehorse and the communities.

Outside the Yukon

You can also access a registered midwife in another province or territory. This service is insured and fully funded by the Yukon’s health care plan.

Until December 31, 2022, you can access medical travel to receive publicly-funded midwifery services up to 28 days before the birth of your baby and 7 days afterwards.

Get medical travel information for accessing midwifery care outside the Yukon.


If you have questions about the Yukon Midwifery Program, phone 867-393-7120 or email midwifery@yukon.ca

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