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Good Energy rebates

Get money back for your energy-efficient choices, including:

These programs support Our Clean Future, our strategy to address the climate emergency.

For buildings and homes

From easy fixes to big changes, get money back when you make energy-efficient choices for your house or other buildings you own.

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For the road

Reduce your carbon footprint with zero-emission or electric vehicles, including recreational vehicles. You can also get electric bicycles for your active transportation needs.

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Renewable energy

Generate electricity using renewable energy sources with a small-scale residential system or a larger commercial system and sell excess to the utilities.

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Solar panels on a picnic shelter at Mount Lorne


If you have questions about Good Energy rebates, contact the Energy Branch. Email [email protected] or phone 867-393-7063 or, toll-free in the Yukon, 1-800-661-0408 and ask to be transferred.

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