Apply for a burn permit

You are legally required to hold a valid permit to light an open fire between April 1 and September 30. This includes:

  • lighting an open fire for any purpose other than a campfire, which does not require a permit;
  • burning grass, debris or brush in a burn barrel; and
  • burning on all public and private lands.

If you plan to burn within Whitehorse and Dawson city limits, your local fire department provides you with a burn permit.

How to apply

Contact your local Compliance Monitoring and Inspections regional office to get a permit.

If you live within municipal boundaries, check with your local government about their open burning rules.

Before you burn

  • Make sure your burn permit is valid. Permits must be used during the allocated period of time. Your permit is also based on the materials to be burned.
  • Check¬†the fire danger rating in your area. Permits are suspended if the rating is high or extreme. In some cases, permits are also suspended if the rating is moderate.
  • You need to get permission from your local Wildland Fire Management office every time you use your burn permit. Wildfire officers need to be aware of local fire activity. Call the office nearest you. Their phone number is included on your permit.

Contact Wildland Fire Management by phone at 867-393-7415 or email if you have questions about how to apply for a burn permit.