Get fire weather data for the Yukon

How we determine wildfire risk

Wildfire specialists use the “fire behaviour triangle” to determine fire risk.

The 3 elements of the triangle are:

  • topography;
  • fuels; and
  • weather.

Using weather to determine fire risk

Wildfires are highly influenced by weather. We need up-to-date weather observations to determine fire danger and fire behaviour.

Every day of the fire season, we use weather station data to determine fire danger ratings. This information helps us make sound preparedness and response decisions.

We use data from over 50 weather stations in the Yukon. We also use this data to predict other emergencies, such as flood risk or road closures.

You can access this data on the Yukon weather app, and download data from the past 30 days.

You can access larger data sets from the Wildland Fire Management Branch.  Contact them by email for more information:


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