Apply for predevelopment funds for your professional film, television or digital media project

  • About the Predevelopment Fund
  • Who can apply?
  • What projects are eligible?
  • Eligible predevelopment costs
  • How to apply
  • After you receive funding

  1. About the Predevelopment Fund

    The Predevelopment Fund helps Yukon producers develop their ideas for a:

    • professional film;
    • television program; and
    • digital media project.

    You can receive funding to help attract commitments from broadcasters, distributors or online platforms for further development or production.

    How much funding is available?

    You can receive funding up to 75 per cent of the eligible costs in your predevelopment budget, up to a maximum of $15,000.

    Application deadlines

    The deadline to apply for the 2024–25 fiscal year was May 6, 2024.

    Media Development will select a panel of industry professionals. The panel will prioritize and assess complete submissions based on the evaluation criteria in the business guidelines.

    You can only receive funding from the Predevelopment Fund once per project.

  2. Who can apply?

    Eligible production companies

    To be eligible, your production company must:

    • be incorporated in the Yukon;
    • be registered to conduct business in the Yukon;
    • be in good standing with Government of Yukon Corporate Affairs;
    • be majority owned by Yukon residents;
    • have a Yukon business address;
    • be a production company primarily in the business of developing and producing professional film and television content;
    • be a for-profit company under Canada’s Income Tax Act;
    • have the rights to produce and exploit the project;
    • maintain a financial stake in the project;
    • have a Yukon resident as the producer, including responsibility and control over:
      • the project’s development;
      • the creative, artistic, technical and financial aspects of the project;
      • the selection, hiring and firing of the key artists and creative personnel involved in the project;
      • all expenses related to the project;
      • the project bank accounts; and
      • the negotiation of initial agreements.

    Ineligible companies

    Your production company must not be:

    • in the business of broadcasting or distributing content;
    • related to someone in the business of broadcasting or distributing content; and
    • in default with the Government of Yukon.


    A Yukon production company in co-production with a non-Yukon production company can apply for the Predevelopment Fund.

    The maximum funding amount is reduced proportionately if the Yukon production company owns less than 51 per cent of the project.

  3. What projects are eligible?

    The project must be an idea for a professional film, television program or digital media project with an economic benefit to the Yukon.

    What projects are not eligible?

    The program does not provide funding for:

    • returning series;
    • interactive content not eligible for licensing;
    • user-generated, non-professional videos by amateurs without formal training or experience;
    • news;
    • current events;
    • public affairs programming;
    • weather reports;
    • market reports;
    • sports events or activities;
    • gala presentation or an awards show;
    • a production that solicits funds;
    • pornography;
    • advertising, including commercials and infomercials;
    • a production produced primarily for industrial, corporate or institutional purposes;
    • a production mainly consisting of stock footage, other than a documentary; and
    • the production of a game, questionnaire or contest, other than a production directed at minors.

  4. Eligible predevelopment costs

    The costs eligible for funding are:

    • writing;
    • creating pitch material;
    • option fees for underlying rights;
    • scriptwriting consultant;
    • story editor;
    • preliminary research;
    • animation;
    • travel costs for research or to meet with national or international co-production partners;
    • printing and collating costs;
    • arm’s-length legal costs;
    • producer fees; and
    • corporate overhead.

    Costs incurred before you submit the application are not eligible for funding.

  5. How to apply

    Before you apply

    Application intake

    The deadline to apply for the 2024–25 fiscal year was May 6, 2024.

    What you need to apply

    You must submit the following documents with your application.

    Project details:

    Project budget:

    • your predevelopment budget;
    • your financing plan for predevelopment, including letters of commitment for 100 per cent of the predevelopment budget, including Media Development’s funding contribution, detailing:
      • the terms;
      • conditions; and
      • value of the contributions from financial sources.

    You can find downloadable templates for development and production budgets and cost reports at Canada Media Fund.

    If you have questions about production budgets, email

    Company and crew details:

    • a description of the production company, including:
      • the structure and ownership;
      • the names and addresses of shareholders; and
      • incorporation documents;
    • an overview of all the personnel involved in the project, including the positions that will be filled by Yukon residents; and
    • a residency declaration for each Yukon resident. 

    Supporting documents

    How to apply to the Yukon Predevelopment Fund

    1. Download and complete the application form.
    2. Submit the application form and all required documentation.
      In person: 303 Alexander Street, 2nd floor, in Whitehorse
      Our office is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
      Email: (only if your files are under 10 MB in total)
      Government of Yukon
      Media Development (F-1)
      Box 2703
      Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

  6. After you receive funding

    Your Media Development advisor will tell you which templates to use and submit for final reporting.

    If required, we'll send you templates for the:

    • Cash flow report
    • Final cost report

    Credit the Government of Yukon

    You are required to credit the Government of Yukon on:

    • all versions and copies of your project; and
    • all promotional materials related to your project.

    Provide this credit by stating, "Produced with the participation of" and include the Government of Yukon logo. Follow the logo guidance starting on page 9 of our brand standards.

    Review the business guidelines and your transfer payment agreement for guidelines specific to your project.


If you have questions about the Predevelopment Fund email or phone 867-667-5400 or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5400.