Learn about jobs in trades

  • Why choose a career in trades?
  • Try a trade and learn about trades careers in high school

  1. Why choose a career in trades?

    Skilled trades workers:

    • are in high demand across Canada;
    • get paid well;
    • have jobs available due to retirement rates of the ageing workforce;
    • are doing hands-on work;
    • have the opportunity to get paid while learning;
    • can study and work in Yukon; and
    • have access to funding as a Yukon resident to get certified as a journeyperson in many trades.

    Women in trades

    For information on women in trades visit Yukon Women in Trades and Technology.

    Trades career options in Yukon

    Yukon recognizes and has designated 48 trades, as outlined in the Apprentice Training Act. These are the trades Yukon apprenticeship training is available for. For more information on Yukon trades, visit Skills Canada Yukon.

    Read the Trades Designated in Yukon information sheet to learn:

    • which trades are recognized in Yukon;
    • entrance requirements for trades;
    • what training is required; and
    • which trades have a Red Seal endorsement.

    What is the Red Seal Program?

    The Red Seal Program sets the standards of skills of tradespeople across Canada. Red Seal exams are used to complete most apprenticeships or certifications.


  2. Try a trade and learn about trades careers in high school

    Some apprenticeship related credits may go towards your career-life exploration hours needed for the Career-Life Connections program. To learn more talk to your school counsellor.

    Apply for the apprenticeship program following the same eligibility requirements and application process as any other apprentice:

    • if you’re working in a designated trade; and
    • are 16 years or older.


For questions or to book an apprenticeship orientation meeting, email apprenticeship@gov.yk.ca or phone 867-456-3867or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 3867.