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The Early Learning and Child Care branch promotes the development of quality early learning and child care that is accessible, affordable, and inclusive. Staff deliver programs and provide services that support families and licensed early learning and child care operators. These services include the Yukon early learning and child care funding programs as well as child care subsidies

Yukon Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program 

Universal child care model

The Government of Yukon has developed a new universal child care model. 

The Yukon universal child care model is based on 4 key principles: 

  • quality
  • affordability;
  • accessibility; and
  • inclusivity.

We believe all families should have access to high-quality, affordable child care.

The universal child care model is possible due to collaboration between the Government of Yukon, Yukon First Nations, child care operators and partners across the Yukon. The Government of Yukon created the Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program to support the implementation of a universal child care model.

Who is eligible?

Universal child care is available to all Yukon families using licensed child care spaces. Parents whose children are registered in licensed child care will see their monthly payment go down. You do not need to take any action to make these savings. 

Why choose universal child care?

Universal early childhood education programs are recommended in the Putting People First report. Affordable options are shown to improve children’s learning outcomes, success and capacity for lifelong learning.

There will be no changes to other funding programs

Universal child care is not a 1-size-fits-all model. We have not reduced funding to any other programs, including:

Eligible lower incomes families can still apply for the Yukon child care subsidy. The subsidy will be applied on top of the universal portion of their child care program fees.

What this means for families?

Families who use participating licensed child care programs will save up to $700 per child per month. This can be for a full-time or part-time placement. 

What are the benefits of a universal child care system?

  • provides children an opportunity for learning and development in the early years. It also provides a continuum in a child’s education;
  • puts more disposable income in the hands of families;
  • provides parents and guardians with more choices if they want to work outside of the home; and
  • ensures that families can access high-quality, affordable child-care options for their children.

Need more information:

Yukon Early Learning and Child Care funding Program

Family day home programs

Child care centres

Who can apply to Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program?

Licensed child care programs in Yukon are eligible to apply to the Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program.

How do I pro-rate the YELCC funding on parent/caregiver fee payments?

Pro-rate parent fees

How do I calculate the wage enhancement for Early Childhood Educators?

Whitehorse wage enhancements

Early Childhood Educator level     

Current wage enhancement    

  Minimum wage plus enhancement    

 Mandatory Minimum wage  

Level 0 Not applicable Not applicable $17.59
Level 1 $4.12 $17.59 + $4.12 $21.71
Level 1A $6.01 $17.59 + $6.01 $23.60
Level 2 $7.44 $17.59 + $7.44 $25.03
Level 2A $9.96 $17.59 + $9.96 $27.55
Level 3 equivalent  $12.31 $17.59 + $12.31 $29.90
Level 3 $15.31 $17.59 + $15.31 $32.90


Rural Wage Enhancements

Early Childhood

Educator level  

Current wage


 Minimum wage plus



Minimum wage

Level 0 $1.85 $17.59 + $1.85 $19.44
Level 1 $4.49 $17.59 + $4.49 $22.08
Level 1A $6.71 $17.59 + $6.71 $24.30
Level 2 $8.39 $17.59 + $8.39 $25.98
Level 2A $11.35 $17.59 + $11.35 $28.94
Level 3 equivalent $14.11 $17.59 + $14.11 $31.70
Level 3 $17.11 $17.59 + $17.11 $34.70







Child care centres

You must complete a monthly attendance record form.

Family day homes

You must complete a:

How to submit your form(s)

You can choose the following options to submit reports:

Email: earlylearning@yukon.ca

Fax: 867-393-6250

Drop box: Department of Education front door situated at 1000 Lewes Blvd


Government of Yukon

Early Learning and Child Care Unit (E-23)

Box 2703

Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2C6

Need more information:

Visit Early Learning Educators web hub for more information. 


For questions about applying for the Early Learning and Child Care Funding Program email earlylearning@yukon.ca. In Whitehorse, call 867-667-3492 and in the communities call toll-free, 1-800-661-0408, extension 3492.