Find a preschool (Learning Together)

The Department of Education offers a free drop-in preschool program called Learning Together. This program is for children under 5 years old and their caregivers.

What is the Learning together program?

  • Led by qualified teachers.
  • Helps prepare children for school routines.
  • Caregivers learn how to support children’s learning at home.
  • Younger siblings are welcome.

Contact the school to register

Whitehorse residents:

Pelly Crossing residents:

Watson Lake residents:

Preschool program French first language

École Émilie-Tremblay offers a full-time pre-kindergarten program (K4). Contact the school for more information.

The typical routine for Learning Together program

  • Playtime:
    • learning toys;
    • puppets;
    • costumes;
    • puzzles;
    • blocks;
    • sand; and
    • water.
  • Group snack:
  1. Children wash their hands.
  2. Help set the table.
  3. Enjoy a group snack prepared by the adults.
  4. Wash their dishes.
  • Circle time:
    • yoga;
    • poems;
    • stories;
    • rhymes;
    • music;
    • movement; and
    • games.
  • Craft time: children and adults work on crafts based on circle time and the monthly theme.
  • Visits to the gym and library.
  • Visits from:
    • Child Development Centre staff;
    • preschool dental therapists;
    • local artists; and
    • other guests related to monthly themes.