Apply for a burn permit

You are legally required to get permission to light an open fire between April 1 and September 30. This includes:

  • lighting an open fire for any purpose other than a campfire, which does not require a permit;
  • burning grass, debris or brush in a burn barrel; and
  • burning on all public and private lands.

Burning brush is a good way to FireSmart your property, but you're responsible for any fire you start. We limit burning to low-danger conditions for everyone's safety.

Getting permission also ensures that wildfire officers know you're burning. If your neighbours call in smoke from your pile, your call saves an unexpected visit from the firefighters.

I live in Whitehorse, Dawson or Watson Lake

If you live in Whitehorse, Dawson or Watson Lake city limits, you need permission to burn from your city’s fire department. The rules for burning in these areas are set by each municipal government.

How to get permission to burn

If you live outside of Whitehorse, Dawson or Watson Lake city limits, call your local Wildland Fire office for permission to burn. You don't have to apply for a paper burn permit like in past years.

You have to call during weekday business hours, so plan ahead if you want to burn early in the morning or on the weekend.

Burning conditions

  1. Permission to burn will only be given by Wildland Fire Management during periods of low fire danger. However, burning is a privilege: permission is not automatic, and it can be cancelled at any time.
  2. Always keep your fire under control. You are legally responsible for your fire and any damage it causes if it escapes your control.
  3. You must supervise the fire until you put it out with immediate access to the tools to put your fire out. Put your fire out if conditions, like high winds, challenge your control of the fire.

Contact your local Wildland Fire Management office for permission to burn:

  • Southern Lakes (Whitehorse area, Teslin, Southern Lakes, Mendenhall, Lake Laberge, Braeburn): 867-456-3831
  • Tatchun (Carmacks, Faro, Ross River, Pelly Crossing): 867-863-2408
  • Klondike (Dawson area, Old Crow): 867-993-5752
  • Northern Tutchone (Mayo, Stewart Crossing, Elsa, Keno City): 867-996-3201
  • Kluane (Haines Junction, Champagne, Beaver Creek, Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay): 867-634-7061
  • Tintina (Watson Lake, Upper Liard, Tuchitua): 867-536-2005