The application process

  1. Before you apply
  2. Start your application
  3. Complete the screening questionnaire
  4. Add your cover letter
  5. Preview your application
  6. After you apply

  1. Before you apply

    Make sure you’re eligible

    • You must have the legal right to work in Canada.
    • If you have a valid work or study permit you could be eligible.
    • We do not sponsor or nominate foreign workers to immigrate to Yukon. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to find out more about that process.

    Information sessions on applying for a job

    We host free drop-in sessions at Employment Central on the last Tuesday of each month from 1 to 3 p.m. You will learn about Government of Yukon hiring practices, jobs, how we screen and test applicants and what to expect in a government interview.

    You are welcome to attend if you'd like more information or guidance on the application process.

    Employment Central is located at Suite 202-204 Black Street in Whitehorse. It is wheelchair accessible.

  2. Start your application

    Go to the e-recruitment website and log in by selecting 'Login'. If you don't have an account, create your profile on the e-recruitment system.

    1. Navigate to 'Career Centre' and select 'Search Jobs.' This will take you to 'Quick Job Search' but you can also select 'Advanced Job Search' or 'View all Jobs.'
    2. Search the jobs and once you’ve found the job you want to apply for, select the job title to view the posting details.
    3. Select the 'Apply to this Job' button located at the bottom of the job posting.

    Create your resume profile

    1. Select ‘Apply for this Job.' This will take you to Step 1: Resume profile creation. If you have previously set up your resume profile, this section will already be filled in with all the relevant details. If not, fill out all of the mandatory text fields (indicated with red text). Black text fields are optional. Copy and paste your resume text into the resume field (using 'Control + V’ command on your keyboard) or you can type it directly into the field. Use the text editor formatting options to reformat your resume.
    2. Select the 'Next' button.

  3. Complete the screening questionnaire
    1. Once you have completed Step 1, you will arrive at Step 2: Screening Questionnaire. You'll see several buttons that will allow you to move forward and backward through the application process.
      • ‘Previous’ allows you to move back to the previous step.
      • ‘Finish Later’ will save the information you have entered. You can complete the application at a later time, as long as it's before the closing date.
      • ‘Next’ advances you to the next step.
      • ‘Cancel’ will cancel the application. No information will be saved.
    2. Check the applicable screening questions and select the 'Next' button.

  4. Add your cover letter
    1. Once you have completed Step 2, you will arrive at Step 3: Cover letters. This step is optional unless a job posting indicates a cover letter is required. If you aren't including a cover letter, select the 'Skip Step' button.
    2. You can add a new cover letter or select one you used in another application.
      • Add a new cover letter. Browse your computer for your cover letter file. Select the ‘+’ button to automatically pull the contents from your document into the ‘Cover Letter Contents’ field. You can also copy and paste your cover letter text into the ‘Cover Letter Contents’ box or type it in. Make sure you fill out the ‘Cover Letter Name’ field for both options. Select the 'Next' button.
      • Choose a previously used cover letter. You'll see a list of your cover letters used for other job applications at the bottom of the page. Click the check box on the right (under the Actions column) to select a cover letter. This populates the ‘Cover Letter Name’ and ‘Cover Letter Contents’ fields. Select the ‘Next’ button.

  5. Preview your application

    This is the last step in the application process. You won't be able to make any changes to your application after you click ‘Finish.’

    1. Review your application. If you see anything you'd like to change, select the 'Edit Resume' button.
    2. Select the 'Finish' button to complete your application.

    You will see a confirmation message and get a confirmation email if your application was successfully submitted.

  6. After you apply

    We will contact you for an interview if your application was successful.

    You'll get an email to set up a time for an interview. Occasionally, you will also be asked to complete a written test prior to your oral interview. If you don't live in Yukon, initial interviews may be conducted by phone or Skype.

    Check your resume submission history

    You can see the history of your completed or incomplete job applications any time.

    You can also view the resume you submitted for any of your job applications, remove yourself from consideration on jobs you’ve applied for, and continue on with incomplete job applications.

    1. Go to the e-recruitment system and select 'Login.'
    2. Once logged in, navigate to 'Career Centre' > 'My Resumes' and select 'Resume Submission History.'
    3. You'll see a section for 'Completed Applications' and 'Incomplete Applications.'

    Completed applications

    1. Select the 'More Options' icon located in the Actions column.
    2. You can:
      • 'View Resume' to view the version of the resume you submitted when you applied for a job.
      • 'Remove Self from Consideration' to remove your application.
      • 'Add Yourself Back for Consideration' to resubmit the resume and cover letter you applied with if the job posting is still open.

    Incomplete applications

    You can choose to continue on with your job application or cancel the entire application under the Actions column.


For questions about the application process email or phone 867-667-9453.