Learn about Emergency Medical Services

The Yukon's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team delivers a wide scope of pre-hospital care. We deliver medical interventions, treatments and critical care in every corner of the Yukon.

Leadership, dedication and partnership guides our work. We enact these qualities from the moment we receive a call to the time when we transfer a patient at a health care facility.

A dedicated and multi-faceted team

There's a dedicated team of people behind every ambulance you see in the Yukon. We have over 200 team members who work out of 17 ambulance stations in 16 communities.

Emergency response communications officers

  • They take the 911 calls of people who need an ambulance.
  • They work 24 hours a day receiving emergency calls and sending the required EMS support.
  • They can provide medical instructions over the phone before the ambulance arrives.

Land ambulance program

  • Includes primary care paramedics and emergency medical responders.
  • They provide emergency services to all communities.
  • They deliver medical interventions and transport patients to medical facilities.

Air ambulance program

  • Includes advanced care paramedics, critical care practitioners and flight nurses.
  • This team stabilizes patients, provides lifesaving supports and transports them to medical facilities in and outside of the Yukon.

Our team of support staff

  • They work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our team.
  • They provide oversight, provide training, keep ambulances on the road, and more.

Join our team

Check the Government of Yukon job board for current opportunities. You can also join the Yukon EMS team in your community