Improving Yukon’s Permit Hunt Authorization system

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It ran from 2018-11-23 to 2018-12-23.

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The Department of Environment conducted a three-part review of the permit hunt lottery system. It included a public survey, which ran from November to December 2018, meetings with stakeholders throughout October 2018 and a third-party, technical review, contracted to MakeIT.

Multiple improvements will be made for the 2019 draw, and future draws, reflecting the feedback received from all three parts of this review.

What was this engagement about? 

We asked all Yukoners to share their thoughts on Yukon’s Permit Hunt Authorization system, which is used to provide hunting permits in areas of Yukon where harvest opportunities are limited. We asked what Yukoners value about the system, as well as those areas where improvements could be made.

How will my input make a difference? 

Based on feedback received through the in-person meetings and the public survey, and the finding from a third-party technical review, we are making improvements to the Permit Hunt Authorization system. Find out more.

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