Student Assessment Survey

This engagement is now closed.

It ran from 2020-02-17 to 2020-03-15.

Check below for where to find results.

Where can I find results? 

We will post a What We Heard report on this intake of the student assessment survey after we've analyzed the data. 

Download the Student Assessment Survey Report 2018-19.


What was this engagement about? 

In June 2017, we introduced new changes to the way schools assess and report to parents on student learning. In March-April 2017, we surveyed parents and asked what they thought about the changes.

Schools were given the option to implement the changes over the 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years. Some schools started in 2017-18, some in 2018-19 and some in 2019-20. All schools are now following the new requirements.

We are asking for feedback from parents to ensure we continue to provide valuable and timely information about their child’s learning progress as this process is implemented at all schools.

Parents are being surveyed at schools who started using the new assessment and reporting requirements during the 2018-19 school year. Parents at schools that started in 2017-18 were surveyed last school year. We want to ensure parents have experienced a full school year with the new reporting requirements before we get their feedback. This means they will have experienced each step of the reporting cycle, including all of the informal updates, in-person meetings and final report cards.

How will my input make a difference? 

Your feedback will be provided to the school so they can adjust and improve their effort to assess and report in this new way. The Department of Education will also use the feedback to identify how to best provide support to schools and teachers as they continue to assess and report on student learning in this new way.  While these changes will continue to move forward at all of our schools, we want to make sure that these new ways of reporting to parents will continue to include valuable feedback about their child’s learning. This feedback from parents will help us adjust our efforts where needed.

Give your feedback on the engagement process 

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