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What's Extended Producer Responsibility?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental and economic policy approach. It means that the producers of products and packaging must make sure these products and packaging are properly managed when they reach the end of their life cycle.

Extended Producer Responsibility in the Yukon

Our Clean Future commits the Government of Yukon to implementing an Extended Producer Responsibility program in the Yukon by 2025.

Between now and 2025, we'll:

  • conduct stakeholder and public engagement;
  • draft the regulation; and
  • allow time for producers to organize and establish Extended Producer Responsibility programs.

We're currently engaging with interested parties in this program. This will help us prepare a proposal for a new Extended Producer Responsibility Regulation under the Environment Act.

The primary goals for bringing this program to the Yukon are to:

  • reduce the costs of waste management for the territorial government, municipalities and taxpayers;
  • provide financial stability for recycling;
  • increase the amount of waste kept out of landfills;
  • help reach the waste diversion and greenhouse gas reduction targets under Our Clean Future; and
  • encourage a circular economy.

The 3 categories of materials the program will affect 1st in the Yukon are:

  • printed and packaging products, such as blue box type items;
  • household hazardous waste, including waste paints, aerosols, fuels and solvents; and
  • automotive wastes, such as waste oil, waste antifreeze and their containers.

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Read Extended Producer Responsibility in the Yukon: exploration and implementation considerations (2021):


For questions about Extended Producer Responsibility, email envprot@yukon.ca or phone 867-667-5683 or toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5683.