Find the status of Midnight Sun Hotel's liquor licence application, item #23-01


53551 Yukon Inc. o/a Dawson Downtown Limited Partnership.

Name of premise

Midnight Sun Hotel

Application details

Application summary

Public notice

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Location of premises

1067 Third Avenue, Dawson City, Yukon

Nature of application

New application seeking approval for the following liquor licences: food primary – all liquor, liquor primary – all liquor, off premises, special licence, and room service.

Current licences

Downtown Hotel, food primary (x2), liquor primary, off premises liquor, special and room service.

Number of licensed premises in the are

There are currently 10 food primary – all liquor licences, 8 liquor primary licences, 6 room service licences, 6 special licences, and 10 off premises licences in Dawson City area. The closest licensed premises that holds the same licences is the Downtown Hotel at 1026 2nd Avenue, 3 meters away (The Downtown Hotel and the Midnight Sun Hotel share an alley).


The Midnight Sun Hotel is a 20-room hotel with a lounge, a restaurant, and a special licence area in the front lobby. The hotel is approximately 13,994 square feet in size.


Consists of Asian and Western inspired cuisine.

Hours of business & hours of liquor service

The business hours are from 9 am to 2 am, with a request for liquor service hours from 9 am to 2am - 7 days a week.