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The Health Promotion Unit delivers Comprehensive Sexual Health Education throughout the Yukon in partnership with:

  • the Department of Education;
  • medical professionals;
  • public health; and
  • non-governmental organizations.

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education provides information that's:

  • non-judgmental;
  • age-appropriate; and
  • medically accurate.

Topics include:

  • anatomy and physiology;
  • puberty and human development;
  • relationships and decision making;
  • contraception;
  • pregnancy; and
  • infection prevention.

Programs we offer

Better to Know Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (BTK) grades Kindergarten to 12

Better to know resources provide teachers with lesson plan ideas and activities to help students meet the curricular competencies.

BTK Sexual Health Resource

These resources provide information about:

  • relationships;
  • anatomy and physiology;
  • healthy sexual decision making;
  • local sexual health clinics; and
  • other community services.

Presentations and educator coaching

Health Promotion offers classroom lessons and coaches teachers on how to effectively implement Comprehensive Sexual Health Education.

Other resources


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