Learn about healthy screen use

Screens are everywhere in our lives, like in phones, tablets, and computers. They're great for learning and fun. It's important to use them in a smart way for our kids' health and growth.

Watch Dr. Ponti's September 2023 video on healthy screen use

This video:

  • explores the effects of screen use on physical and mental well-being; and
  • provides useful advice on how to use screens in a way that's healthy and beneficial.


About Dr. Michelle Ponti

Dr. Ponti is a Pediatrician in London, Ontario. She works at the Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI). Her work focuses on helping children with complex behavioral, developmental, and learning challenges. She's also the Chair of the Digital Health Task Force at the Canadian Paediatric Society. Dr. Ponti has helped create guidelines on screen time for young children 0 to 5 years. She is now studying its effects on older kids and teens.