Act to create the Order of Yukon tabled

The Government of Yukon today tabled legislation to create the Order of Yukon.

The Order of Yukon will allow Yukoners to formally recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the territory and the well-being of others. This includes high achievement from any discipline, such as sports, First Nations governance, environmental stewardship, the arts, heritage and cultural development, business, volunteerism and the support of seniors and youth.

The legislation includes a first for any such order in Canada by establishing a seat on the Order’s advisory council for a First Nations representative – who will be put forward by the Council of Yukon First Nations.  The advisory council will be responsible for reviewing nominations and making appointment recommendations.  

The Order has been designed to be non-political and elected officials may not be appointed while they hold office. For the first two years a maximum of 10 Yukoners per year may be appointed – after which a maximum of three Yukoners per year may appointed.

Following assent, the government will finalize details of the Order in cooperation with the Commissioner’s office, who will administer the Order. The timing of the first appointments into the Order will be made at the discretion of the new Commissioner.

There are so many incredible individuals who have shaped this territory through their actions. Establishing the Order of Yukon gives us an opportunity to recognize them with an honour that ranks alongside the highest orders of other provinces and territories.

Former Commissioner Doug Phillips has long been working on the concept of an Order of Yukon and I would like to credit his efforts in moving this project forward.

Premier Sandy Silver

Quick facts 
  • The Order of Yukon will be administered by the Commissioner’s Office once the act has received assent and all of the details have been finalized.

  • In addition to the First Nations representative, the other members of the advisory council will include Yukon’s senior judge, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the President of Yukon College, the Cabinet Secretary and up to two appointees from the Commissioner’s office.

  • A limited number of people will be appointed into the Order each year. There will be two classes of membership: regular and honorary. Regular membership will be open to long-term Yukoners who are Canadian citizens, while honorary membership will be available to non-Yukoners or non-Canadian citizens who have nonetheless made a significant contribution to the territory.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Kendra Black
Communications, Executive Council Office

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