Amendments to the Victims of Crime Act tabled

The Government of Yukon has tabled a bill to amend the Victims of Crime Act to increase protections for victims of crime. The proposed changes help restrict access to victim information that could result in potential harm for the victim.

The Act to Amend the Victims of Crime Act (2023) aims to refuse access to information requests by offenders and alleged offenders that could harm the safety and privacy of victims. Protecting client records shields victims from further risks of intimate partner violence, sexualized violence and domestic homicide.

Victim records refer to information about the experiences of victims of crime collected during the provision of services. Allowing access to information requests that confirm the existence of an individual’s records or that the individual is a Victim Services client could place them at a higher risk of physical violence or psychological distress. Amendments to the Victims of Crime Act prevent the confirmation of client identity. Victim Services clients will continue to have access to their own records that are created when accessing services.

Access will continue, and all provisions in the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act still apply: 

  • for victims, to their own records
  • at the discretion of the head of the public body if the release of records/information in the interest of protecting an individual or the public
  • for operational records about the Victim Services Branch and information about the programs offered by the branch
  • for employees and former employees to records in respect to their employment
  • for any health and safety documents produced in compliance with the Workers' Safety and Compensation Act
  • for any requests compelled by a provision in any enactment that is not ATIPP

The proposed changes align with Victim Services’ ongoing efforts to improve client services, including protecting client safety.

Victims of crime should feel confident that when they seek services and supports, their safety and privacy is protected. The changes to the Victims of Crime Act provide victims with assurance that confidentiality and privacy is a priority for this government.

Minister of Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • Records created in the provision of services for victims under the Victims of Crime Act are subject to requests for information under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

  • The Act to Amend the Victims of Crime Act amends the Victims of Crime Act, providing a framework for protecting victim records and empowering the refusal of request for access to information.  

  • Victim Services is committed to the protection of victim privacy and safety, and provides confidential, inclusive victim-led services for anyone who has been impacted by crime.

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