Check 30 aims to encourage responsible service and reduce underage drinking

The Yukon Liquor Corporation (YLC) is launching the Check 30 campaign, aimed to encourage responsible sales and service through an increase in identification checks. The program also aims to help prevent minors from attempting to purchase liquor.

The new Check 30 campaign encourages I.D. checks for anyone who appears younger than the age of 30. Checking I.D. is a part of responsible alcohol service and required by the Liquor Act. The initiative is both a support tool and a reminder for liquor servers to check identification on a regular basis as a best practice throughout the year.

The Check 30 campaign launched across Yukon liquor stores and participating licensed establishments with identification “blitz” on May 18 until June 18. During the “blitz”, Liquor Inspectors and the RCMP will be in establishments to increase awareness about the importance of ID checks and lawful service.

The Check 30 campaign raises awareness of the importance of I.D. checks in the service of alcohol. We want to encourage responsible consumption and lawful sales in the Yukon, and take steps to reduce the likelihood of youth under 19 from accessing alcohol.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation John Streicker

Drinking alcohol as a teenager carries special risks. If you do choose to drink, delaying until legal age or beyond will protect your brain and keep you safer. Liquor inspections and I.D. checks can help to curb risky drinking.

Dr. Brendan Hanley, Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health

Quick facts 
  • The Check 30 program replaces the Check 25 program as visually identifying age can be difficult.

  • The campaign will consist of various tools such as signage at liquor establishments, order notepads and reminders at point of sale.

  • During the 2017 blitz 137 people were checked for I.D. by inspectors and no infractions were discovered.

  • YLC staff and licensees are required by the Liquor Act to request proof of age to confirm that the customer is 19 or older.

  • Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s licence or other government-issued identification with a photo.

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